Mental Health First Aid Training

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The Educators’ Centre
6435 Edwards Blvd., Mississauga

Event Type : PETL Workshops

Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based training program developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and is designed, just like traditional first aid, to enable people to recognize symptoms and provide support until professional help can step in.

This is an educational course for the public; no experience in mental health is necessary.

Registration Deadline:
Registrations must be received at the PETL office by Wednesday, December 12th, 2018.

How to Register:

Step 1:  Complete the Release Application (“PETL OT Coverage Application Form”), which must be signed by your principal.

Step 2:  Complete the Registration Form.

Step 3:  Make two separate cheques of $25 each, payable to PETL.

Step 4:  Fax or scan and email the registration form and release application to the PETL office.

              Fax: 905-564-7236 ,  email:
              It is recommended that you call the PETL office (905-564-7233) to be sure we received them.

Step 5:  Bring the original forms and the 2 cheques with you to the workshop on Friday.