Tomorrow is Election Day

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Fédération des enseignantes et des enseignants de l'élémentaire de l'Ontario

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Tomorrow is Election Day

June 6, 2018

Ballot box

It's estimated that 768,895 voters - or 18.8% of eligible voters - have already cast their ballot!


That's almost 20% more than the 647,261 who voted early in the last provincial election in 2014.


If you or anyone you know have not yet voted - get to the polls on Thursday, June 7 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Remember to bring your Voter Card and one piece of ID with your name on it to the polling station. If you don't have your Voter Card, bring ID that has your name and current residential address. Here are Elections Ontario's detailed ID requirements for voting.


Have those important conversations with friends and family. The future of public education in Ontario depends on them joining all of us in getting out to vote on Thursday.


If you are looking for information to share, here are some suggestions:

  • Ontario voters should back NDP to stop Doug Ford
    "Everything we know about Ford - from his past abetting his brother Rob's disastrous tenure at Toronto city hall, to the way he has stumbled through this campaign - shows that a government led by him would be a giant step back for Ontario."
  • The Ontario NDP Education Platform
    "Education plays a huge role in shaping our opportunities. We're committed to making sure a quality education is within everyone's reach. But Liberal and Conservative governments have undermined the quality of education and put barriers in front of students. Crowded classrooms, inadequate support for kids with special needs, rigid testing and chronic underfunding have all made it harder for our kids to learn."
  • Hard times for health care under Ford
    "Like Trump, Ford is totally naive when it comes to health care. What else would explain his pledge to improve the system while simultaneously vowing to slash 4 per cent out of every departmental budget? For the health ministry, which is the largest item in the provincial budget at $61 billion annually, that's about $2.4 billion a year. Such a massive cut would totally destabilize the entire health-care system."

Video_ help get out the vote on Thursday

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On June 7, Vote Smart. Vote for Change that Works.



The Elementary Teachers' Federation Of Ontario,136 Isabella Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 0B5 Canada