January 2018 ETFO Stewards' Mailing

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January 2018 Stewards' Mailing



ETFO Steward Information


Please direct your members to the ETFO website to find the Stewards' Mailing Cover Memo and its links: www.etfo.ca -> Publications -> Stewards' Mailings.

To change the number of members at your work site contact: Member Records, 1-888-838-3836, trecords@etfo.org.

This mailing is also available in PDF format. This month's PDF file is a 2.7 MB download.


Open PDF Version


365 Days and Ways to Celebrate Remarkable Black Canadians Poster

This year's ETFO Black History Month poster is part of a larger resource created by educators for educators.

The poster, in combination with the 365 curriculum and calendar, will provide educators the opportunity to embed the voices of those who have been marginalized or silenced.

For further information please view the poster (PDF | Word) and visit the ETFO website and search "365" for curriculum, resources and links in late January 2018.


Teaching LGBTQ Students Additional Qualification Course


ETFO is proud to introduce a new AQ course called Teaching LGBTQ Students. The course will be offered in the spring 2018 session.

Candidates will critically explore a wide range of pedagogies, resources and supports as they develop the theoretical understanding necessary to apply, implement and assess programs and/or practices related to teaching students who self-identify in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning (LGBTQ) spectrum.

Online registration for the spring session opens February 5, and closes March 29, 2018.

For more information, please visit the ETFO website, view this flyer (PDF | Word) or contact aqcourses@etfo.org at the provincial office. 


Day of Pink


Wednesday, April 11 is the Day of Pink. This year's theme is Stop the Hate. Send your tweets to #ETFOpink to show us what you are doing on the Day of Pink.

For further information, visit the ETFO website, view this flyer (PDF | Word) or contact Adam Peer, extension 2239, apeer@etfo.org at the provincial office.


PRS Matters Volume # 97 - School Board Investigations Related to Harassment Complaints


PRS Logo

This volume includes information for all members about school board investigations related to harassment. Please share this information with all members.

The bulletin is available on the ETFO website and in PDF format. 

For additional advice, please contact ETFO staff in Professional Relations Services (PRS) at 416-962-3836 or 1-888-838-3836.



ETFO Validation Stickers for 2018


We are including fifteen (15) stickers in this month's mailing. These stickers are to be made available to members who have opted for the electronic version of Voice and therefore did not receive a sticker. 

You may also find that some members recycled their magazines before retrieving their sticker.


Balancing Act: An ETFO Women's Conference


This Professional Relations Services conference focuses on women's health and well-being and will feature wellness workshops and an opportunity to network with women members across Ontario.

For further information, visit the ETFO website, view this flyer (PDF | Word) or contact Pam Dogra, pdogra@etfo.org at the provincial office.


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