OTF Connects Winter Program Opening Soon!

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OTF Connects
winter program opening soon!

The Ontario Teachers' Federation is pleased to continue supporting self-directed teacher learning through OTF Connects. Developed for teachers by teachers, our free professional learning webinar program provides you with easy-to-access PD right at your home computer or mobile device.

OTF Connects invites teachers to learn, share and collaborate with colleagues from across the province through rich, relevant professional learning opportunities. Teachers leave each session with immediately useful ideas for their classroom.


January 15     Media Literacy Ideas Today for 
Chelsea Atwell (K-Gr. 3)
January 16     The Kindergarten Educator Guide: What’s
                        in it for you?,
Laura Christmann and Vera Teschow (K)
January 17     Going Deeper with OTF Planboard, Andrew Bieronski  (K-Gr.12)
January 18     Self Regulation and Wellbeing in a Digital Age,
                        Tina Zita (K-Gr.12)

January 22     Creating the Conditions for Creativity to Flourish,
Garfield Gini-Newman (K-Gr.12)
January 23     Redefining Literacy: Getting Comfortable with Being
, Alana King (K-Gr.12)
January 24     Pedagogical Documentation: Highlighting the learning in
, Joel Seaman (K)
January 24    Spiraling INTO Control: A Different Way to Plan and Teach Math
                       for Deeper Student Understandings,
Mary-Kay Goindi (Gr. 1-8)
January 25    Using Assessment as Learning  to Increase Student Proficiency 
                       in FSL
, Jenn Rochon (Gr. 7-12)
January 25
     Exploring Spatial Reasoning, Kit Luce (K-Gr. 3)
January 29     Ready to join a global project?, Julie Balen (Gr. 7-12)
January 30
    Head First into HyperDocs!, Alison Bullock (K-Gr.12)
January 31    LT2: Learning and Teaching Early Math with Learning
, Edward Schroeter (JK/SK- Gr. 2)
February 1    Adventure and Exploring Without Leaving your Classroom,  
                      Cameron Steltman (Gr.1-8)