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PDSB Extreme Weather September 24 2017

Posted: September 24,2017

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Dear ETFO Peel Colleagues,

In anticipation of this coming week’s rising temperatures, it is important that you make yourself aware of the Peel Board’s “Extreme Weather Operating Procedure”. This outlines the responsibilities of school Administrators, and staff, when being faced with potentially extreme weather conditions at your worksites.

It is important that we are part of the solutions at our worksites, and being informed is the first step to being able to assist in coming up with site specific processes to ensure the safety of our students and ourselves.

Please take care during the day to not over exert yourselves, to drink plenty of fluids, and keep your Principal aware of any developing health concerns that may arise during the day. If you suffer any health related illness do to the extreme weather, please ensure that your Administrator supports you in completing an Accident Investigation Report.

Please login in using your Peel credentials to access the link below to review the Peel Board’s “Extreme Weather Operating Procedure”.


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