Peel Elementary Teachers' Local

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Professional Learning (PL) Funding


The Local is committed to ensuring that members' self determined professional learning needs are met.  To this end, the Local offers a variety of ways for members to access funding for their professional learning needs. Find out what professional learning funding opportunities we offer.

  • PETL Conference Funding

    Peel Elementary Teachers’ Local PL Conference Funding is money set aside by the Local to fund conferences and workshops for PETL members.

  • PETL Course Funding

    Peel Elementary Teachers' Local PL Course funding is money set aside by the Local to fund AQ. ABQ. PQP, Masters, Undergraduate, PHD and ETFO credit courses.

  • STPDL Funding for 2017-2018

    Short Term Professional Development Leave Fund (STPDL) - STPDL is money negotiated into the Collective Agreement for Elementary teachers to fund professional development.

  • PETL Status of Women Funding

    The PETL Status of Women Committee Professional Development Fund. The Status of Women Committee has set money aside to fund professional development which promotes leadership for women, women’s issues, and equity issues.