ETFO Annual Meeting Committee

The ETFO Annual Meeting Committee is responsible for preparing resolutions to bring to the ETFO Annual Meeting the following summer and to elect and prepare the PETL Delegation for this ETFO Meeting. The committee spends the year gathering, discussing, researching, and preparing resolutions gathered from other Peel committees and individual members. Delegates are elected at Peel's Fall General Membership Meeting and again at the Winter General Membership Meeting as necessary. Our delegation consists of fifty-three (53) delegates and ten (10) alternates. Peel has the second largest delegation at the meeting, making us a strong voice.

A Resolutions Sub-Committee is formed at the end of November made up of delegates, alternates and any other interested members. This committee meets a number of times before final resolutions must be presented at Peel's Winter General Membership Meeting for approval. Delegate training is provided for delegates, alternates, and observers in May and June. Peel's delegation meets twice before the end of June to discuss resolutions and we invite candidates that are running for the Provincial released positions to address our delegation before the Annual General Meeting.

Delegates and alternates then attend the ETFO Annual Meeting in August in Toronto to discuss and vote on resolutions that shape the future of our organization. The ETFO Annual Meeting Committee is truly a committee that allows you to have your voice heard and allows you the opportunity to participate in decisions that impact both Peel and ETFO as a whole.

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