PETL Conference Funding

PETL Conference Funding is now open for 2022-2023 school year! 

Please see the full, updated guidelines on this page under “Related Documents”.

Highlights 2022-2023:

  • Members MUST first apply for STPDL funding while it is available in their Superintendency. Members can apply to STPDL & PETL Conference Funding at the same time, but PETL PL Conference funding will not be processed until STPDL funding has been reviewed/approved, unless STPDL is not available (i.e., September conferences or after STPDL funding has been exhausted).
  • Members are now able to claim meal reimbursements; reimbursement for meal expenses will be subject to the a maximum of forty dollars ($40.00) per day.
  • Where a member is not incurring a cost to attend a conference/workshop/or other professional development course (e.g., member is presenting at the conference/workshop/professional development course and the registration fee is being paid by the organization), the member must provide the PETL with evidence of this cost being absorbed.
  • PETL will not reimburse any travel expenses incurred through the use of crowd-sourcing apps, including but not limited to, Uber and Lyft, effective July 1st, 2019.
  • When emailing applications, ensure you and your Principals’ signature is on the form before sending as a pdf & that you have included registration information (i.e., a link to the open registration)
  • All applications MUST be received in the Local office at least 10 school days before the conference start date.
  • Applications are usually processed within 2 weeks of being received at the Local office, exceptions to this are those received before the STPDL meeting date. Please do not re-send applications within this timeframe or send inquiries.
  • PETL can fund up to $300 for conference registration, transportation, meals and accommodation, as well as fund up to 2 days for supply coverage when applicable.
  • Full instructions for applying for funding are included in the guidelines attached below, with abbreviated instructions on the “PL Conference Funding Application Form (2022-2023)”.

To Be Reimbursed After Your Approved Activity, submit the following to the Local within 90 days of the completion of your activity:

a)  A copy of the approved PETL PL Conference Funding Application Form;

b)  Receipts for approved/eligible expenses from the conference (copies are acceptable), including any support for $US conversions, when applicable.  Please outline any cost sharing and attribution of costs when submitting receipts, when applicable (e.g., shared hotel room).

c)  Documents should be emailed to Julia Allen, Secretary-Treasurer (

For any additional information, please contact Julia Allen, Secretary-Treasurer, phone: 905-564-7233, email:

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