Bill 115 Remedy Update December 11, 2017

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December 11, 2017


Government Unwilling to Move During

Bill 115 Remedy Mediation


In June 2017, members were advised that ETFO's Provincial Executive decided to end discussions with the Ontario government and, instead, make the case for a fair Bill 115 remedy settlement at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

In July 2017, Justice Thomas Lederer of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice proposed that ETFO and the government use the services of a mediator to determine if an appropriate remedy could be achieved without the intervention of the Court. ETFO and the government agreed to appoint Kevin Burkett as mediator, with mediation dates scheduled for Saturday, December 9 and Sunday, December 10.  

On December 9, Mediator Burkett met with representatives from ETFO and the government to determine if there was any way to reach a fair remedy settlement. After a few hours of discussion, it became clear that the government was unwilling to make improvements on the same settlement offer that had been rejected by ETFO in June.  

As a result, ETFO ended the mediation session and thanked Mediator Burkett for his efforts. ETFO legal counsel will now contact Justice Lederer and prepare to return to the Court in order to obtain a fair Bill 115 remedy settlement.  

ETFO will continue to keep members informed as more information becomes available.