Member Services

The employment policies and procedures can sometimes seem complicated and overwhelming especially when a member needs to access them at a time of illness or crisis.

To assist members to navigate their options and access the necessary paperwork, the Local provides Member Services which can be accessed either by phone or email.

Anne Lorimer, Member Services Manager, can provide information and assistance in the following areas:

Pregnancy/Parental/Adoption Leave

Applying for a pregnancy, parental, or adoption leave can seem like a complicated process because it requires integrated processes with the Peel Board, Employment Insurance, the Pension Board, and Benefit programs.


You’ve been contributing to your Ontario Teachers’ pension plan throughout your career. Now that you’re thinking about retiring, find out how one of your biggest assets fits into your total financial picture.

Long Term Disability

If you have been injured at work or are absent due to illness, it is advised that you call in to the Local office and ask to speak to Anne Lorimer, Member Services Manager, within the first 20 days of your absence.


PETL is now enrolled in the ETFO Employee Life and Health Trust Benefit Plan.

Other Leaves

The Local will assist you in determining the options available to you and will help guide you to the appropriate contact person at the Board office and the correct paperwork to complete.

Other Issues

Should you have any questions, please use this information to contact the Liaison for your Superintendency or school.

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