PETL Status of Women Funding

Information, Guidelines and the Application have been updated for the 2024-2025 school and fiscal year.

Members must ensure the updated 2024-2025 Guidelines are followed and their application is received by email no later than 10 school/work days prior to the conference or workshop dates.

Before submitting your PETL Status of Women Funding Application for a conference or workshop, please ensure you have also applied to STPDL and PETL Conference Funding.

The PETL Status of Women Committee has set aside funds for conferences/programs which promote: 

  1.  Women in Leadership and/or 
  2.  Women’s & Girls’ Issues and/or Equity & Inclusiveness for Women & Girls and/or 
  3.  Women & Girls from Marginalized Groups.

This fund is available to all Peel Elementary teachers on a first come basis, subject to eligibility and approval. The fund can only be accessed for one conference per member, per year.

You can send your application over the summer, but it will not be processed until September. It must still be received in email 10 working days before the activity (in the summer these would be weekdays that are not statutory holidays).  There will be an auto-reply on the email starting June 28th; if you do not receive the auto-reply, it is likely you have not correctly entered the email and should try again.  You will not receive a personal response to any emails until September.


  1. Download and read the Guidelines
  2. Download and complete the Application
  3. Email it as a PDF to Julia Allen, PETL Secretary-Treasurer,

For any additional information, please contact Julia Allen, Secretary-Treasurer, phone: 905-564-7233 x228, email: