Who To Contact When

Should you have any questions, please use this information to contact the Liaison for your Superintendency or school by clicking on the link below.

Jessica Cooper, President

Nadia Goode, Vice-President, Chief Negotiator & Chair of CBC Grievance Officer Liaison for CBO, WWTW, Special Programs & Gill, as well as Brisdale PS

Anjali Ajmera, Vice-President, Equity Officer Liaison for Grant & Punjabi

Chris Hoffman, Vice-President, Occupational Health & Safety Teacher Advisor Liaison for Chebaro & Mahoney

Christine Bisson, Vice-President, Liaison for Logue, Scuccato & Smith

Felipe Pareja, Vice-President, Member & Community Organizer Liaison for Battick & Caslick, as well as Beryl Ford PS

Kellea Martin – Stubbings, Logue, and Punjabi (Louise Arbour FOS).

Patrice Oconnor, Vice President, Member & Community Organizer Liaison for Masood & Zammit

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