Who to Contact When

Should you have any questions, please use this information to contact the Liaison for your Superintendency or school by clicking on the link below.

Gail Bannister-Clarke is the Liaison for CBO, LEITs, NFO, MFO, PAS, and WWTW.

Nadia Goode (Equity Officer) – Gill and Hoppie

Jessica Cooper (Grievance Officer) – Jaiswal Superintendency.

Vickita Bhatt (Member/Community Organizer) – Daws and Masood.

Chris Hoffman (Occupational Health and Safety Teacher Advisor) – Noble and Sheahan.

Kellea Martin – Stubbings, Logue, and Punjabi (Louise Arbour FOS).

Mandi Hardy (Chief Negotiator & Equity Officer) – Grant and Punjabi (Harold Braithwaite FOS).

Felipe Pareja (Member/Community Organizer) – Aujla and Robertson.


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