Anti-Racism & Equity Committee

The committee engages members in anti-racist education. The committee addresses gender equity and disability issues, as well as issues which impact Aboriginal, bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender members.

Collective Bargaining Committee

The Collective Bargaining Committee is only as strong as the membership it represents.

ETFO Annual Meeting Committee

The ETFO Annual Meeting Committee is responsible for preparing resolutions to bring to the ETFO Annual Meeting the following summer and to elect and prepare the PETL Delegation for this Provincial Meeting. The committee spends the year gathering, discussing, researching, and preparing resolutions gathered from other PETL committees and individual members.

Grassroots Committee

PETL members can propose new committees and member-led group initiatives for the current school year.  Proposals will be considered while budgeted funds for these remain.  Approximately 3 per year may be approved.  All proposals must be for committees or initiatives that other PETL members may join, and must align with PETL Core Values and Goals.

New Members’ Committee

The New Members’ Committee was created in the 2005-2006 school year to address the needs of the growing number of PETL members in their first five years of teaching.

Occupational Health & Safety Committee

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee represents the members of the Peel local on all matters dealing with the occupational health and safety in the workplace.

Political Action Committee

The purpose of Political Action Committee is to raise awareness and understanding about important issues in education, social justice, and the environment to members and the general public.

Professional Learning Committee

The Professional Development Committee provides and funds quality PD for elementary teachers in Peel.

Special Events and Awards Committee

The Special Events and Awards Committee provides opportunities for members to gather socially, celebrate our achievements, build a positive spirit, and nourish a sense of camaraderie in our large Local.

Status of Women Committee

The mandate of the Status of Women Committee is to raise awareness about issues that affect women and provide programs and services to meet the specific needs of women members.

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PETL committees provide a wide variety of services to the membership as well offer a great opportunity for members to get involved on issues important to them. Find out which committee is right for you!

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