Collective Bargaining Committee

Are You Interested In Joining A Committee?


Lead Negotiator
Chair of CBC, Grievance Officer & Liaison for Centrally Assigned Staff (CBO, MFO, NFO, WWTW), Peel Alternative Schools (PAS North & South) & Gill (Meadowvale & Stephen Lewis)

CBC, in Local vernacular, stands for Collective Bargaining Committee. It could just as easily stand for Creatively Brainstorming Challenges. Members of the CBC acquire an in-depth knowledge of the collective agreement and its impact on the lives of teachers. The CBC works collaboratively to address concerns arising from the present agreement and vies to achieve changes and gains to make the next agreement better.

  • About the Collective Bargaining Committee
  • The CBC has twelve (12) voting members.
  • Members are elected for a term equal to negotiating a collective agreement.
  • The CBC meets regularly, usually bi-monthly during the months leading up to negotiations and more frequently during negotiations.
  • It publishes THE PROVINCIAL TAKEOVER BULLETIN (a newsletter that keeps members informed of negotiation developments – formerly called THE BARGAINING BUZZ).
  • It surveys the membership regarding negotiation priorities.
  • It prepares the Preliminary Submission for presentation to the membership for approval.
  • It negotiates a new collective agreement with the Board.
  • It communicates regularly with the Executive, Teachers and the Union membership.

The Collective Bargaining Committee is only as strong as the membership it represents.