PETL Conference Funding

PETL Conference Funding is now open for 2023-2024 school year!

Ensure you follow updated 2023-2024 Guidelines and submit your application by email according to the timelines outlined in the guidelines.

PETL Conference Funding is not yet available for Summer conferences and workshops.  Please wait until notice is sent in the eNews when applications will be accepted. Members can apply  instead for STPDL for these opportunities.

Before submitting your PETL Conference Funding Application for a conference or workshop, please note you must first apply to STPDL Funding while, and if, it is available in your Superintendency. Please note that sending your STPDL application late (or having it denied because it was late) is not a reason for your STPDL Acknowledgement on your PETL Conference Funding Application to be marked “not eligible”.

PETL Conference Funding is available for members of PETL who have not already accessed PETL Course Funding, and will fund $300 toward a conference or workshop/workshop series per school year (July 1-June 30).


  1. Download and read the Guidelines
  2. Download and complete the Application
  3. Email it as a PDF to Julia Allen, PETL Secretary-Treasurer,

For any additional information, please contact Julia Allen, Secretary-Treasurer, phone: 905-564-7233 x228, email:

Please Note:  If you are applying for funding to attend Reading for the Love of It (RFTLOI) you must apply to your STPDL Chair first (if you are eligible to receive funding). Applications have begun being processed, but confirmation of STPDL will affect approval notices. Please send all relevant information with your PETL Conference Funding Application in your email to the Secretary-Treasurer, (i.e., STPDL is approved, I am on leave and not eligible for STPDL, I have already used STPDL this year for the Ontario Mental Health Summit in November and not eligible to apply for it for RFTLOI.)