Political Action Committee

Are You Interested In Joining A Committee?

Christine Bisson

PAC Chair

Political Action Committee Goals

  • encourage the active participation of teachers in political matters; 

  • raise member and public awareness and understanding of issues affecting education in government and politics, social justice, the labour movement, and the environment;

  • seek to provide members with political education to better understand their location as public sector workers and union members; for example, around issues of government, democracy, public services, capitalism, the public sector, and political and economic systems;

  • collaborate, where possible, with Peel union affiliates within the Peel District School Board and Peel Region; 

  • promote the profile of Peel elementary teachers; 

  • advise the PETL Executive and make recommendations to enhance the profile of  political issues within the Local and the broader community; 

  • establish partnerships with community agencies, labour groups, clubs and programs;

  • collaborate, where possible, with other ETFO locals; and 

  • raise member awareness, and collaborate with other committees of the Local, around  issues of mutual interest and which impact the students we teach.