Political Action Committee

Are You Interested In Joining A Committee?

Christine Bisson

PAC Chair

The purpose of Political Action Committee is to raise awareness and understanding about important issues in education, social justice, and the environment to members and the general public. We believe that as members become more knowledgeable about the political issues that affect them, they will feel more comfortable discussing these important topics with their students, parents, colleagues, and friends, and family. The PAC will employ a grassroots approach to raise awareness about issues and encourage teachers to create positive political change.

Another purpose of PAC is to encourage member involvement in the local. The next decade will see many dedicated and knowledgeable people retire from the teaching profession and the union. Increased involvement of younger teachers is imperative in order to maintain a strong and effective union. Teachers’ legal protection, salaries, benefits, and working conditions are all issues that a new generation of teachers will need to deal with in the difficult years to come. Only with a strong involved membership will we be able to meet these challenges.