PL Funding

PL Funding

The Local is committed to ensuring that members’ self determined professional learning needs are met. To this end, the Local offers a variety of ways for members to access funding for their professional learning need. In a funding year which runs from July 1 to June 31, a member can apply for:

  • STPDL Funding which is for conferences & workshops


  • PETL COURSE Funding which is for AQs, university or college courses OR PETL CONFERENCE Funding which is for conferences & workshops


  • PETL STATUS Funding which is for conferences & workshops that have a women’s leadership, women’s issues or women’s equity focus


When applying for CONFERENCES that occur in mid to late October through August, members must apply for funding and supply days from STPDL. Apply to STPDL before or at the same time as applying to PETL Conference Funding (for opportunities during this time).

For September opportunities (when STPDL is NOT available), members can apply solely to PETL Conference Funding. PLEASE READ BOTH SETS OF GUIDELINES CAREFULLY.


All applications for PETL Funding must be emailed to Applications may also be sent in the courier or dropped off at the PETL Office. DO NOT FAX.  Members can expect a response to their application within ten (10) working days (excluding July & August), please refrain from inquiring about the status of your application within this timeframe. 

STPDL applications must go to your STPDL Chair (Do not send applications to the Chair until the updated forms are available in late September).