Forms (claim forms, change forms, etc.) are available at

PETL is now enrolled in the ETFO Employee Life and Health Trust Benefit Plan. Members with general questions about the plan may contact ETFO at 416-962-3836 (toll free 1-888-838-3836) or email

  • Coverage for which a member is enrolled (e.g. Extended Health Care, Dental, Life Insurance, LTD)
  • Adding a dependent (i.e. child, spouse, common-law partner)
  • Adding/changing beneficiary
  • Adding/deleting/changing coverage
  • Arranging coverage while on a leave or returning from a leave
  • Requesting forms (e.g. Change form, Claims form, etc.)
  • Unresolved issues with your benefits through Manulife/OTIP.
  • Services and products covered under the benefits plan
  • Status of a claim that has been sent into OTIP
  • Reason for a claim being denied
  • Pre-determination of a required service or product (e.g. dental work, nursing care)
  • Next eligible date for coverage of a service or product (e.g. vision care, paramedical, dental check up)

For more information about who to contact, please click on the “Who to Contact” link provided under “Related Documents” on the right.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Members can make changes to their coverage (reinstating coverage, changing from single to family coverage, adding a dependent, etc.) without medical evidence only when they have a lifestyle change (e.g. marriage, qualification of common-law, loss of spousal benefits, birth/adoption of a child) or when they change the percentage of their assignment (e.g. change from 0.5 to 0.8, 0.4 to 1.0).  HOWEVER, THEY MUST NOTIFY OTIP OF THIS CHANGE WITHIN 31 DAYS OF THE OCCURRENCE.  For example, if a member adopts/has a child on July 15th, the member must notify OTIP of the adoption / birth no later than August 15th.

The PETL Benefits Trust is pleased to announce a new partnership wih League to top up your existing benenfits plan with additional Health & Lifestyle Spending Accounts.