PETL Course Funding

PETL Course Funding is now open for 2023-2024 school year!

Summer Course Funding Applications Are Available

Ensure you follow updated 2023-2024 Guidelines and submit your application by email before the course end date.

Approval emails for summer course funding applications will be sent the retroactively in September.

Please note – You can send your application over the summer, but it will not be processed until September.  It must still be received by the course end date. Applications received after the course end date will be denied. There will be an auto-reply on the email starting June 30th, if you do not receive the auto-reply, it is likely you have not correctly entered the email and should try again.  You will not receive a personal response to any emails until September.

PETL Course Funding is available for members of PETL  who have not already accessed PETL Conference Funding, and will fund $400 toward course tuition fees (as outlined in the full guidelines) per school year (July 1-June 30).


  1. Download and read the Guidelines
  2. Download and complete the Application
  3. Email it as a PDF to Julia Allen, PETL Secretary-Treasurer,

For any additional information, please contact Julia Allen, Secretary-Treasurer, phone: 905-564-7233 x228, email: