Student Vote 2018 Provincial Election

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Student Vote for 2018 Provincial Elecgtion

The PETL strongly encourages all elementary schools to participate in the Student Vote program coinciding with the spring 2018 provincial election. Student Vote uses the election as a teachable moment to bring democracy into the classroom and it provides youth under the voting age with an opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and to practice the habits of active and engaged citizenship.

Students learn about government and the electoral process, research the candidates and party platforms, discuss relevant issues with their families and friends, and cast ballots on Student Vote Day. The results are tabulated and shared publicly after the close of the official polls. The suggested activities fulfill several provincial curriculum expectations, including: Social Studies, Grades 4 to 6; History and Geography, Grades 7 and 8; and the English Language curriculum. Registered schools receive activity resources, posters, an election manual, ballots and ballot boxes.

Materials are available in English and French and there is no cost to participate. Please find a promotional flyer included in this mailing.

Register your school today by visiting or calling 1-866-488-8775. Also, members are encouraged to contact Vice-President Felipe Pareja at the local office if they have any questions about running Student Vote at their school.