Our People

Are you a PETL member and unsure of who to contact in the Local about something? Below is a good starting point.

  • All
  • Collective Bargaining Chair
  • EFO Annual Meeting
  • Executive at Large
  • General Concerns around the overall operation of the Peel Local
  • General information questions regarding the Local
  • Member Services Manager
  • Past President
  • President
  • Questions regarding event registration, contacting President/Vice Presidents
  • Questions regarding internal operations of Local
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Vice President
Matthew Jackson
Matthew Jackson President
Gail Bannister-Clarke
Gail Bannister-Clarke Vice-President
Chris Hoffman
Chris Hoffman Vice-President
Toby Molouba
Toby Molouba Vice-President
Jessica Cooper
Jessica Cooper Vice-President
Felipe Pareja
Felipe Pareja Vice-President
Aman Mehta
Aman Mehta Secretary-Treasurer
Lisa Marie Gonsalves
Lisa Marie Gonsalves Occupational Health & Safety
Patricia Morgan
Patricia Morgan ETFO Annual Meeting Chair
Anjali Ajmera
Anjali Ajmera Anti-Racism / Equity Chair
Katelyn Fairweather
Katelyn Fairweather New Teachers Chair
Julia Allen
Julia Allen Political Action Chair
Safia Saleh
Safia Saleh Professional Learning Chair
Christine Bisson
Christine Bisson Special Events and Awards Chair
Tammy Axt
Tammy Axt Status of Women Chair
Vickita Bhatt
Vickita Bhatt Executive Member at Large
Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke Executive Member at Large
Steve Dénommée
Steve Dénommée Immediate Past President Elections Chair
Anne Lorimer
Anne Lorimer Member Services Manager
Gail Novack
Gail Novack Office Manager
Susan Hejmo-Lacy
Susan Hejmo-Lacy Administrative Assistant
Kim Quach
Kim Quach Receptionist

Should you have any questions, please use this information to contact the Liaison for your Superintendency or school.

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Gail Bannister-Clarke is the Liaison for CBO, WWW, and Special Programs.

Toby Molouba is the Liaison for the Matt McCutcheon Superintendencies.

Jessica Cooper is the Liaison for the Lawrence Demaeyer, Darren Van Hooydonk Superintendencies.

Lisa Marie Gonsalves is the Liaison for the Michael Logue, Patrica Noble and Liz Cook Superintendencies (North Park F.O.S.).

Chris Hoffman is the Liaison for the Nina Jaiswal, and Dana Sheahan Superintendencies.

Kellea Martin is the Liaison for the Patrika Daws, and Michelle Stubbings Superintendencies.

  • Email:
  • Phone: (905) 564-7233

Mandi Hardy is the Liaison for the Gail Solomon-Henry, and Liz Cook Superintendencies (Central Peel, Chinguacousy F.O.S.).

  • Email:
  • Phone: (905) 564-7233

Felipe Pareja is the Liaison for the Paul Da Silva, and Harjit Aujla Superintendencies.

** Instructional Coaches/Resource Teachers are based on the Superintendency to which they are assigned.

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