Metro Morning – Region of Peel Medical Officer of Health Dr. Loh with Ismaila Alfa

This morning’s Metro Morning (CBC Radio One, 99.1 FM) segment with Region of Peel Medical Officer of Health Dr. Lawrence Loh. Dr. Loh was Ismaila Alfa’s guest and spoke, among other things, about the “Herculean task facing teachers” (and, presumably, *all* education workers).

Regarding conversations with school boards about pivoting to remote learning: “They continue. Looking at data, safety precautions. Children benefit from in-person. Longer we can keep them there, longer we’ll see overall improvements to their well-being. At this time, no decisions have been taken to change the mode of learning in Peel.”

Ismaila Alfa (IA): “Do you think classes should go online?”

Lawrence Loh (LL): “The data is clear. Out of almost 600 Peel schools, outbreaks have only been declared in just under 20 of them. Of those, we usually see a median of two to three cases.”

LL: “We’re still not seeing the kind of forward transmission in schools that suggests the measures aren’t working. We know that many of the measures in place are arduous and difficult, and I think that’s where our educators have really done a Herculean task of keeping our kids safe.”

Regarding mandatory goggles or face shields, in addition to masks. IA: “Because of increased concern?”

LL: “Actually because of Public Health Ontario guidance. Recognizing that the VOCs are in our midst, our aim is to take every precaution possible.”

LL: “Recognition that staff, by virtue of their age, are at greater risk. With children, lots being done to cohort them, and other measures. But we have seen more transmission between staff certainly in lunch and break rooms. It’s an effort to protect them as well and to ensure that they’re taking precautions.”